Workers Compensation Insurance for Janitorial Cleaning

Workers Compensation Insurance for Janitorial Cleaning (Code 9008)

Wiping rags aren’t exactly something that most people agonize over when choosing between one type or another. Part of this is because some people just use an old shirt or towel while others simply don’t know the difference between various rags. Those who are serious about janitorial rags knows that there are various materials and weights that can affect performance. This will help you choose the right rag for your needs.


Janitorial wiping rags are typically made from cotton and similar materials, but they come in different weights and thicknesses, which makes them suited for different purposes. For example, there are thinner rags made from t-shirt material that is good for all-purpose use with very little lint. There is also terry cloth which is incredibly absorbent, thicker towels for polishing and detailing and thermal knits made for delicate work.

Consider what your wiping needs actually are and what you typically use the towels for. While an all-purpose rag is good for most jobs, it may not be ideal for specialized wiping or detailing.


General users probably don’t care much about colors, but professional buyers for custodial supplies know that color can sometimes be very important. Companies often need organization of some sort when it comes to supplies, and rags are of no exception. For example, one department or section of the company might get orange rags while another gets blue. This helps keep track of supplies by color-coding them.

Work Environment

Janitors often face harsher conditions than home users and their rags must reflect that. Some janitors have to regularly clean corrosive or noxious materials. Normal rags typically aren’t up to the task. It’s important to know what spills the janitor will have to clean up so that the proper rags are ordered. This will help keep everyone safe.


Most people don’t think much about wiping rags and that’s understandable with home users. You can typically just use an old shirt or towel and be fine. Janitors on the other hand need something sturdier, and buyers often needed to consider color and safety. Consider these factors when next choosing a wiping rag.

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