Woman’s $400G lawsuit claims ‘cover-up’ of mouse guts allegedly found in soup

An Oregon woman filed a lawsuit Monday, claiming she found mouse guts in a carton of Pacific Foods soup.

An Oregon woman sued a food company this week, claiming it swept aside her complaints of allegedly finding what appeared to be mouse remains in a carton of soup.

Maesel Dorn, 72, claims in the $400,000 lawsuit filed against Pacific Foods that she fell violently ill after eating the company’s organic roasted red pepper tomato soup, which she purchased in January.

Dorn told the Oregonian she became so sick after eating the soup that she hallucinated. She claimed to have never been that sick before in her life.

She says she regained her appetite a couple of days later and tried the soup again, the court documents said. She claims she then poured herself a cup, and what appeared to be rodent intestines and other rodent parts fell out of the carton.

“I was just shocked more than anything,” Dorn told the paper. “I kept looking at it, and I couldn’t believe it. … And then, it was just so sickening. I haven’t been able to eat any soup since then.”

The suit claims Dorn made several calls to Pacific Foods, and an employee told her to bring the carton and mouse parts to the store where she purchased it and someone would pick it up for testing.

Dorn, a retired registered nurse, said she repeatedly called the company to check on the results, but was told they weren’t in yet.

“(I)t was just so sickening. I haven’t been able to eat any soup since then.”

– Maesel Dorn, plaintiff in lawsuit against Pacific Foods

According to the suit, Pacific Foods told Dorn on March 29 — more than two months after the discovery — that it had never received the soup container. Dorn told the Oregonian that an employee with the company claimed the carton was never brought to the store, “so we didn’t have anything to test. Sorry, case closed.”

Dorn then sued the company, accusing it of negligence and of attempting to “cover up” what she found.

A Pacific Foods spokesman told Fox12 Oregon that it doesn’t comment on pending litigation, but takes all customer complaints seriously.

“We can say that our utmost priority is ensuring the safety and integrity of our products,” he said.


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