Twin gets life-saving transplant while it’s too late for brother


Twin brothers in Texas are faced with dramatically different life paths — after only one received a life-saving liver from a transplant list.

Devin Coats, 18, is forced to prepare for a future without his identical twin, Nick, whose health declined to the point that a new liver could no longer save him, news station KHOU reported.

The brothers, who are from Slidell, were both diagnosed last year with stage 4 cirrhosis of the liver caused by a genetic mutation.

Each twin was placed on a list for the life-saving transplant, but only Devin received a call that he would receive a new organ.

“Nick’s now in the dying stage,” their mother, Margi Coats, told KHOU.

With his health in question, the family says they worry future memories — like watching the twins walking together at their high school graduation this spring — will be stolen from them.

“Nick’s 18 years old, he’s a senior in high school,” the mom told KHOU. “And that was his big dream when his doctor asked what he wanted in life, he wanted to graduate. I see it’s not going to happen now.”

His brother, Devin, has struggled to accept each of their fates.

“[Devin’s] trying to heal through this too,” the mom said. “He’s got his life and yet his brother doesn’t. It’s been very very hard for both of them.”

Their mom has created a GoFundMe page for their medical bills since the family does not have life insurance. More than $5,000 had been raised as of Monday through the campaign.

“Thank you all for following along on our journey of trials, truth and triumph,” the mom wrote. “We are going to stand and fight, and we know God is with us every step of the way.



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