Smart Options for the Transferring through the Monavi Video Converter From MOV to MPEG



We have repeatedly told about the software of Movavi company, noting first of all its simplicity, availability and reliable operation. It is time to resume acquaintance with the programs of this brand, assess progress and improvement, if any. To study, let’s take the distribution of the new version of the popular converter – Movavi Video Converter.

Movavi Video Converter


Why the converter? Yes, it’s very simple. The vast majority of users are not puzzled by such a thing as video editing. The maximum that an impatient owner of a video camera, camera, or smartphone is capable of is to recode the captured videos for viewing on various devices or for publication on the Internet. However, there is a second category of users who are installing, and which requires a fast, understandable and high-quality converter to “distill” the produced content from format to format.

Video converters now – that mushrooms after the rain Including free. All these programs, as a rule, use the same set of MPEG FF libraries for encoding, which are software with open source. But libraries are libraries (they may not even know about their existence), but the execution of the program may seriously differ. So, most free encoder programs are clearly designed for use by an advanced connoisseur. But there is a second option: programs with a simple, or, as they say, “intuitive” interface. In the case of Movavi, this understanding begins almost from the time of installation, when the user is invited to integrate the program into the context menu of Windows.

Are you on the lookout for quick-working software for converting your MOV files to MPEG? Now do not search anywhere else! You have to download Movavi MOV-to-MPEG converter. Then you need to change formats of your files. This you can now do fast to convert MOV to MPEG.

Make the Download

  1. Make the installation of the Movavi Software

Launch this program file for installation this converter. You will be guided all through the setup part by all the instructions shown on the screen.

  1. Then Add the Files to this Program and hit the button ‘Add Media’, after thatAddthe Video as well as choose videos that you wish to convert.
  2. After that specify the whole Output Preset
  3. At last open this Video tab. There you will surely find the category MPG. You Click it for expanding the lists and choose the right preset. Movavi Video Converter helps over the 180 video and the audio format.You can also make use of the programs for making the conversion MPEG-2 to MOV, MOV to MPEG-2, or other formats pairing of the choosing.
  4. Specify the Destination Folder and Start the Conversion

Click the Folder icon and locate the folder where you want the converter to save your newly created MPEG files. Then click Convert to initiate the conversion process. Once the conversion is complete, the folder containing your MPEG videos will open automatically.

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