Signs Your Heating Pump Needs to be Replaced

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Your heat pump is probably something you won’t think about until it has a problem. The good news is that a new heating pump shouldn’t experience any issues for years with regularly scheduled maintenance. The bad news is that, when it does have problems, you won’t have any heat in your house for a few days unless you are prepared.

As you probably already know, preventing something is much better than reacting to something. This is especially true when it comes to your home’s heating pump. You don’t want to get stuck searching through the quality companies for heat pump maintenance Newport News VA has to offer after it is too late. Look for these signs that your heat pump needs to be replaced.

Four Signs Your Heat Pump Needs to be Replaced
1. Reduced Air Flow – If you are noticing that the air flow from the vents is diminished when the heater is running, this could be a sign of bad things to come. This usually means the pump’s motor is starting to die out and will stop moving air altogether soon.
2. Strange Noises – If your heater is making noise when it is running, there could be a malfunctioning part or something could be loose. Have this looked at by a technician immediately. In some cases, it may just need to be repaired, but this could mean that your heating pump requires replacement.
3. Utility Bill – Does your electric bill seems inordinately high compared to the year before? This could be because your heating pump is not operating efficiently, meaning it is draining more electricity while it is running. The cost of replacement could pay for itself if you get an energy efficient model.
4. It’s Old – Think about it. How long have you had your heating pump? If you have had it for a long time, it may need to replaced simply because it is outdated. Newer models are much more energy efficient, so you may see a lot of savings in your utility bills each month with a new one.

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