Money Control and Rummy Winning Go Hand in Hand

It is commonly said that good money managers are also good rummy players. While this may seem like a vague statement, there is a rational approach that will help you analyse the truth of this statement. Here we have listed out the similarities and differences in money management rules and rummy rules. The analogy makes it clear why many good rummy players are also good at money management.

How to Control Money?

The first thing most people do as soon as they get their salary or monthly income is chart out their expenses. They try divide their income among their expenses, savings and assets. They see how this division will help them manage through the month.

First Fulfil Basic Expenses

When a person has his salary in hand, he will first allocate funds to the basic expenses which are inevitable. These are life needs and one can never cut down on these. That is why this is counted as top priority while managing money and finances.

Then Prioritize Other Expenses

Once the basic expenses are managed, he can see how to manage the remaining money at hand between assets, luxuries and other needs. He can see where to cut down and where to keep money aside. This sort of planning is an inevitable part of management. A person who does not look into all this can never keep money in control.

Cut Down on Luxury

If you are tight on finances, the first thing that you will cut down on is luxury. You cannot afford to spend on luxury when you have other expenses charted and which are more important. So, you manage your money so that you do not spend on unnecessary things.

Successfully Complete the Month

A person who has good control over money and knows how to distribute it among the needs eventually succeeds in getting through the month unscarred.

How to Win Rummy?

The goal of a rummy player is to win the game. However, he knows more than to take hasty decisions. That is why, as soon as the playing cards are distributed, he arranges his hand in a peculiar fashion with jokers on one end and cards to be disposed on the other end.

First Create Life

The basic need of a rummy player is not to lose the game. Winning is simply secondary. If a rummy player should not lose the game, he must have the life in his hand. Life is formed by one pure sequence and one real sequence. That is why any good Indian Rummy player will give making of life his top priority.

Prioritize Points Management

Once the life is formed in rummy, the next priority of the gamer is to reduce the points in hand. In rummy games, if you have more points in your hand, you lose the game. The point management is thus extremely important if you plan to win.

Get Rid of High Point Cards

The face cards and high point cards in rummy are just like luxuries. If they are a part of real sequences, it is ok. If you have face cards or high point cards that are not part of any sets or sequences, you must dispose it off at the first opportunity. This is a standard trick to win rummy patti game.

Successfully Manage the Points

Once you have created the life, you are relieved and yet struggling. At this point of the game, if someone calls rummy, the points in your hand decide how you have fared. A good rummy player always manages to reduce the total points in hand.

The comparison above shows you how a good money manager will also be good at rummy game and vice versa.

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