Messina launches ice cream eggs for Easter

TECHNICALLY, Easter only goes for four days.

But for pretty much the entire months of March and April, it gives us the perfect excuse to eat all the delicious sweet treaties we want.

The good folks at Messina, smart people that they are, have cottoned onto this and released three ice cream Easter eggs to mark the occasion.

There are three different flavours:

1. White choc gelato, passionfruit yolk, encased in a dark choc shell

2. Cheesecake gelato, mango fruit yolk, encased in a caramel white choc shell

3. Vanilla gelato, yellow peach yolk, encased in a milk choc shell

All three come together in a pack that costs $70.

You’ll need to pick them from your local Messina store between Thursday March 29 and Sunday April 1.


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