Kent Prime TC: A Highly Advanced RO Purifier for the Indian Homes

Good health begins at your home and the first step to stay healthy is by drinking clean water. As water constitutes 60% of our body weight, it is very much necessary for every individual to consume an adequate amount of pure drinking water.

Purchasing a highly advanced RO water purifier will get rid of the germs from water and protect you from waterborne diseases. In simple words, if you are concerned about your health, it’s highly recommended to install a good quality water purifier. If you are looking forward to buying a water purifier, Kent Prime TC is a great choice of advanced RO purifier for the Indian homes. Read on to find out why.

Water Supply

The very first thing that anyone would look for while choosing a water purifier is its ability to remove the dissolved salts and harmful chemicals like lead, arsenic, and mercury from water. Kent Prime TC is your best bet in such a case. The water purifier is capable of removing harmful chemicals and salts with its patented Mineral RO Technology and TDS Controller. It retains only the required minerals that help you stay healthy.

If you are using underground, tube well or salty water, the level of bacteria, virus and other germs in the water is very high. These harmful microorganisms can be purified using a highly advanced RO water purifier like Kent Prime TC that uses double purification technology (RO + UV/UF).

Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of this RO purifier is pretty good. It can store up to 9 litres of purified water. The purifying rate is also quite good as it can purify around 20 litres of water per hour.


Kent provides 4 years of free service for this RO water purifier. This means that the maintenance cost is reduced significantly for the next four years.

Power Consumption

Some prospective buyers might have a doubt that the power consumption of this purifier would be high due to its rapid water purifying rate. But, the answer is NO. This RO purifier consumes only 60w per hour, which is way less than what the other RO purifiers in the market consume.

Advanced Alert System

This purifier has an advanced alert system to switch on and off automatically. In this manner, you can save the power even if you forget to switch off the purifier.

Save Water Technology

Kent Prime TC uses ‘save water’ technology, which means that it can recover 50% of water as purified water. The remaining brackish water is stored in a separate tank, which can be used for mopping and cleaning purposes.

Top Quality Certifications

Kent Prime TC has earned top quality certifications from NSF (USA) and WQA (USA and India). This ensures that the water is pure and completely safe for drinking purpose. It’s not surprising that this brand is trusted by millions of people.

Now that you have an idea about the salient features of Kent Prime TC, we hope that you would have also realised that it is a great choice of purifier to get access to 100% safe drinking water. Place your order for one and enjoy drinking pure water always.

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