Important Design Elements for a New Gas Station

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A gas station construction job is a lengthy process that involves a lot of equipment and supplies. If you’re going to work with a team in your neighborhood during this type of project, the final designs must be structured wisely. By including three things in the blueprints, you’ll boost efficiency and safety levels around the new gas station dramatically.

Bright Lights

Gas station lights should be very bright. If every fixture produces many lumins, every customer will have no problems pumping gas after the sun sets. The best lighting option for a commercial area is LED because it generates a long-lasting, vibrant beam of light.

Solid Pavements

Because an average vehicle weighs several tons, a gas station business that serves multiple motorists needs a solid foundation that can support many tons. If a foundation where people park vehicles is weak, the surfaces will crack, and the broken areas could cause accidents. The following foundation materials are practical options for hefty automobiles:

  • Asphalt: This foundation option is made from petroleum. After asphalt sets, it’s somewhat sticky; however, the surfaces are very strong.
  • Concrete: Concrete is also a strong substance for a parking area. It contains sand, cement, stone, or gravel. When compared to asphalt, concrete has a lighter color, so it doesn’t hide stains well.

Security Equipment

In order to deter crime, you must construct your gas station strategically for security systems. For example, if you’re going to keep inventory in a structure behind the store, the blueprints for this area should include a place to mount security cameras. The main parking area in front of the store will need security tools as well, so you should mount equipment on tall poles around the property to eliminate blind spots.

These design elements can help you boost security and safety following a fuel station construction project. If you need design elements that can make your store stand out, a seasoned interior designer can help.

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