Gas Technicians: The People Behind the Pump

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Educated and trained technicians are highly sought in vocational fields, ranging from HVAC to gas engineering. These careers offer the opportunity to complete hands-on projects, and for those with an inclination for installation of equipment, this could be the career change needed. If this sounds like you, read on to see if a career as a gas station service technician is the job for you.

The Role of the Technician

The service technician works for a larger company that maintains the equipment of gas facilities and convenience stores. They are the key point of communication between a fuel station and the servicing company. As the face of the company, the technician ensures excellent customer service while completing their tasks. While installation and repair of fuel dispensers is an important part of the job, other duties include:

  • Tank and line equipment inspection at gas facilities
  • Maintenance and repair of electronics related to the business, including card readers at the pump
  • Quality control checks of equipment as needed
  • Check compliance of fuel dispenser systems
  • Perform general service calls, including pumping water from tanks

Education Requirements of the Technician

While vocational programs exist, gas station service technician jobs are also open to those with a high school diploma or GED. Applicants must be comfortable working with power tools, have knowledge of appliance installation and repair, be able to perform occupational math, and have an understanding of the fundamentals of working with gas. While not an educational requirement, applicants need to be aware that projects may require heavy labor and time working outdoors in various conditions.

Once hired as a technician, companies will further develop your skills with certification programs suited for the type of machinery they use and encounter on their projects. It is then up to the employee to keep themselves abreast of new training and certifications to remain a competent employee.

The need for the right people in this technical field is there, and with the right experience and personal skills, you can land the job that is suited for you.

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