Compact Crossover Sales: Toyota RAV4 Outsells CR-V in March

Last month was big for compact crossovers, with Toyota debuting a new RAV4 and Subaru unveiling a new Forester at the New York auto show. These revised models aren’t on sale yet, but they will continue to draw attention to an already popular segment. While the Forester remains relatively niche, the RAV4 remains at the top of the sales charts despite its age.

Toyota sold 34,937 copies of the RAV4 in March, the best sales month ever for the vehicle. It represents a 9.1-percent jump from the same month a year ago. The RAV4 wasn’t the best-selling Toyota last month, however, because the Camry raked in 35,264 sales.

Note that while Nissan reported 42,151 sales of the Rogue, this figure includes the standard model as well as the smaller Rogue Sport, which competes in a whole other segment. Unfortunately, Nissan doesn’t break down sales of these individual models, but we do know total Rogue sales have increased 6.7 percent from March 2017.

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